Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daniel Libeskind's Talk

I don’t know that much about the famous architects especially this certain guy who is Daniel Libeskind. The video we watched talked all about the works and manifesto of Daniel Libeskind. There been a time where Architecture showed in box form(modern architecture) and he is saying that we should explore more with space. He shared the words of Architecture that he believes in. He wants to innovate a new kind of Architecture because people nowadays copy an existing story which makes it banal. He wants to be expressive to be able to show a different form of Architecture. We have the same idea where he said that Architecture is like a story. He did show that statement when he designed the Jewish Museum. It showed the story of Jews during the holocaust and I think that this is the best way on how we can express ourselves in Architecture.  Then he likes radical because he wants to confront conservative. He tells us that Architecture is a language but it does not speak the common words we understand instead we should design a structure that is something inexplicable or something hard to understand. It is more important to introduce the actual architectural dimensions. Then he points out that drawing by hand is better than doing it in a computer. His hand drawn sketches were actually good. If we draw by hand we have more control but the only downfall is it takes a lot of time unlike when you do it in a computer it is faster. He also likes to design his structures complex rather simple because you can show more space if your building is complex. Space is more explored if your building is complex. He more in to raw which means that a structure that is untouched or a structure without decorations like painting. It shows more story to the structure and the true beauty of it. While most of the things he said made me awe and agree, there are thing/s that I disagree to. Of course not every word that a famous man is something we should always follow because we have our own ideas too. I disagree with risky versus safe. He preferred risky to show or explore on the space and the form. My personality is passive so I go to safety rather than his idea and I think we could still explore it.

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