Thursday, June 2, 2011

Compact House V.1

The first concept for the compact house that came in to my mind was a mouse. Then after some time I realized that designing a compact house with a concept of a mouse felt it was a solid concept and something that I could not really explore.

Then I came up with “magnet”. I am referring to any kind of magnet whether it is a cube or a sphere. I got this idea from a souvenir called “Magcube” from Japan my cousin gave to my Dad. Since he does not have time to use it, me and my brother tried it. It was amazing because you can shape it into any from but it is challenging.  It is something that I could play with its form. I think that this is also another opportunity to be more creative.

I would also like to focus more on the aspect of connection or the link between magnets and another property of a magnet where both poles are in contact which mostly likely counteract with each other(something that has to do with the force of gravity). It also gave me an idea where I could make an illusion that will make the structure look like it is levitating.

This the magcube that I am talking about   

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  1. Brilliant!! now, I want your model to be made of magnet. I am serious. My compact house is magnetic! All the components are magnet operated.