Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Objects That I Find Beautiful That I would no normally look at or notice..

For our homework in AESTHETA, we are asked to pick 3 objects that we find beautiful.

For the first object, I selected a tree.

You don't see a lot of Trees these days because most of us live, study, and work in cities. I choose tree because first of all it represents nature and reminds me about it. It makes me feel cozy. It reminds me the joyful memories when I was kid where me my friends play around the tree tagging each other. Another great memory was when we still have a tree in our backyard There was a time lots of maya birds would stay there and they would sing/chirp which is pleasant to the ears.

The next beautiful thing for me are Rocks. Rocks were one of the most favorite thing when I was a kid. It reminded me of the time when I kept looking at it closely and seeing the sparkly things which is the minerals. I'd laugh at myself before because I taught that I could be rich with these rocks. The emotion that rocks give to me is happiness because I could play with it or be creative with it.

Last but not the least is Sand. Sand made me feel happy and excited because it reminded me of the beach. My family used to go to beaches when me my brother were little and we would make sand castle(another thing a liked about sand is I could also be creative with it).There was a time when my little brother was too excited to swim and he tripped. He ended up with a face covered with sand. It;s still funny to me up to now.